Gateway to the Gorges d’Heric dominated to the North by the escarpment of the Espinouse typical of the Massif de Carroux, The charming village of Mons la Trivalle is a natural tourist site, whose name means «  mount of 3 valleys » which describes exactly its situation.

Gorges d'Héric

Well protected from the north winds thanks to the mountains, Mons la Trivalle is where you find the 3 valleys,, The Héric, cascading between the high rocks, and calming down at the bottom of the steep gorge suitable for swimming, the Jaur, winding quietly along the valley from west to east, both joining the Orb, a powerful and unpredictable river making its way to the wine-growing plains to the south.

PLEASE NOTE Some of the Carroux is suited to the more athletic, There are over 80 marked hiking trails at various levels of difficulty as described on the topographical maps especially in the Aiguilles sector, Some are not accessible to all and require knowledge of the mountain, good training and sense of direction and some ability to climb,

It is very easy to get lost, so it is recommended that you do not venture out there without first knowing where you plan to go, You should always take a detailed map and be well informed about the routes. You can find details of them in our tourist information offices. We also advise you not to go alone and to inform someone of your plans,

Gorges d’Heric

  • Hiking Trail « les Terrasses » starts from the Tourist Office
  • PR « les balcons du Caroux » Starts from St Martin de l’Arçon
  • PR « le sommet du Caroux » starts from Douch ( a hamlet near Rosis)
  • GR ( pan European Footpath)

 The Caroux is a mountainous area, Before setting off on your hike

  • Consult the weather forecast as conditions can quickly change
  • Take enough water and food for the whole of your walk
  • Take warm and light waterproof clothing
  • Wear suitable hiking footwear
  • Carry a first aid kit
  • Be aware of falling rocks
  • Respect the beauty of nature and do not leave litter
  • Take a good detailed map of the area

 Activité de baignade pendant l'été :

 - Vidéos et spots audios de prévention des noyades réalisées par le ministère des sports. (Spot 1, Spot 2, Audio 1, Audio 2)